Extra Money: Ideas to Start up Another Stream of Income

Money is something that we all crave but can never be satisfied with. Even if you earn a good income and live a decent lifestyle, there’s always more that you can shoot for. Whether it’s a side job to earn extra pocket money or a side investment that makes you the same amount as your day job, there are plenty of opportunities in the world to obtain some extra cash as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

Let’s face it, we can’t expect to sit at home in the evenings and watch our bank balance rise. We have to work hard and invest time or money into a new venture if we want to have a secondary income stream. If you’re eager to start earning more money, then here are some efficient and practical ways to earn extra income.


Image from Pexels


Your job has probably taught you to be proficient at specific tasks or roles. If you specialise in things like writing or design, then your skills can also be sold on the internet to different clients. Set up a freelancing portfolio and showcase some of your proudest works, add some contact information, spice up the website a bit, and then pitch your ideas to small businesses to build up a client list. You can’t expect to start making money instantly, but it’s a safe route that utilises skills you already have for extra income.


Start a blog and write about just about anything. You could record your thoughts and rants during work and use them as fuel to create content for your blog. You could write about a hobby you have or you could teach people skills that you’ve learned throughout your life. There’s a lot of opportunity and many different directions you can take your blog but you have to remember that, like freelancing, it’s not an immediate source of income. Blogging income usually comes from adverts (which people hate to see) and affiliate links, and their success rate depends on your popularity.


If you’re sitting on a lot of savings money then you could potentially make a lot of income with investments. Whether it’s trading stocks or investing into a business or property, there are too many options to list. Sites like The Fortunate Investor will give you more advice on where to start investing your hard-earned cash. Just remember that you’re technically gambling because it’s not products or services you are selling, you’re investing in hopes that your money will be put to good use and you’ll see a return.

Start a Small Business

If working for one business isn’t enough, then you could always start up your own. There’s an infinite amount of opportunities you can take here. For example, you could hand-craft items like greeting cards or clothes to sell in an online web store. You could also import niche products that aren’t readily available in your region and sell them in your own store. There’s a lot to consider if you start up your own business, so be sure to research before you commit.