Karatbars Review: Turning Money Into Gold

There is a growing concern over the fact that the value of the US dollar is rapidly declining in a global economy that appears to be slowly failing. Many are finding that paper currency hasn’t held its value over the years; in fact, it’s not even equivalent to the gold that’s supposed to back it, if indeed in some cases there still is gold in reserve to back it. The same dollar that used to stretch and meet many needs and wants is now barely covering basic essentials.

A trend has emerged where individuals, businesses, and governments are working quietly behind the scenes acquiring and stockpiling gold. Those who are savvy about the reality of money understand that gold is a commodity that maintains a stable value and has done so ever since it was initially recognized as an official form of currency. With the spectre of a failing economy looming on the horizon the wise are making sure that they have adequate stores in reserve so that they can continue to barter for goods and services when and if their paper money no longer has value.

In the context of all of this a relatively new company has appeared on the scene to meet the needs of those who may desire to participate in this modern day version of a gold rush but may not have the same abundance of funds as the more affluent to purchase gold in standard amounts. Karatbars International states on their website,

Karatbars International GmbH specializes in the sale of small 999.9 pure gold bars and gift items. We offer unique product lines, including specialty collector’s items that celebrate special moments such as the birth of a baby, weddings, Easter, Christmas, and birthdays. Karatbars has steadily expanded its product line by using the highest standards in the industry for gold production. Karatbars also offers a line of limited edition or privately branded collector gold cards. Collector cards, especially rare limited edition cards, will often appreciate over the market value of gold.

In short, Karatbars is filling a market need by offering gold bars at affordable prices in smaller amounts, thereby making it easier for the average Joe to acquire gold for his own unique needs. The bars come in 1-, 2-, and 5-g weights and are pure 24K. They also offer gold gift items which have the inherent benefit of appreciating in value over time.

One product that particularly stands out is the Karatbars Gold Card which can be used as currency in various establishments all over the world to make purchases just as if it were fiat paper money.

This has given rise to a whole new industry wherein independent affiliates assist customers in setting up gold savings plans while earning weekly commissions and free gold in the process.

Many may speculate, but no one can be certain what the future holds in terms of the economy. Of this one thing though you may be sure if history is to be trusted–gold always holds its value, even as other forms of currency devalue and become worthless.

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