Make Amazing Savings on Your Energy Bills with Renewable Energy Sources

Do you dread the onset of winter? Not because of the prospect of snow, or the short days and long nights, but because you know you’ll be spending so much more money? There are Christmas presents, keeping your car running in the cold and winter clothes. And worst of all, there’s the energy bills. No one wants to choose between being warm and saving money. But the rising cost of energy bills forces many people to make this tough choice. Even for those who can easily afford their bills, shelling out for their winter heating is painful. There are plenty of little things you can do to reduce your bills. For example, you can wear a few extra layers and make sure you close all the doors in your house. But what about more permanent ways to reduce your bills, all year round? If you have money to spend on the initial outlay, then renewable energy sources could be the answer.

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Solar Panels

Solar panels are among the easiest home installations for renewable energy systems. For other systems, such as wind turbines and hydropower, you will need to have substantial land or access to flowing water. But you can install solar panels on your roof easily. Even if you aren’t able to install a rooftop system, you might be able to set up a community solar power system with your neighbors. Solar panels aren’t nearly as expensive as they used to be, making them much more affordable for homeowners. You can even lease solar panels, instead of buying them, so you don’t even need to make that first large investment.

Ductless Heat Pumps

Another way to save energy is changing your heating system to one with ductless heat pumps. This method is accessible to more homeowners than others. These heat pumps, provided by companies like Sunshine Renewable Energy, make use of the heat from outside to heat or cool your house. Other systems use combustible elements to produce heat. But ductless heat pumps simply capture heat from outside and bring it inside. The pumps have a system of coils and use refrigerant to absorb heat. Ductless heat pumps are suitable for small or large homes.

Wind Turbines

If at least an acre of land surrounds your home, a wind turbine could be a good option for you. This renewable energy source harnesses the power of the wind and can reduce your energy costs by up to 90%. You can’t rush into installing a wind energy system though, and they require careful planning. You’ll need to find out about permit and zone requirements in your area, as well as check your potential for harnessing wind power. The price of wind turbines has fallen, and the Government is supporting initiatives to help them drop further.


Hydropower is a very specialist energy source, available only to those who have a creek, river or stream running through their land. If this is you, a small hydropower system could power a small farm. Check the laws and regulations surrounding installing such a system, as well as your energy potential, before doing anything else.

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