Terrific Techniques for Securing Money in a Hurry

Sometimes, even if you prepare for such situations, you can be faced with an emergency you can’t pay for. It could be a home repair that your emergency fund doesn’t cover, a medical bill or a new pair of school shoes for your child. Whatever it is that you need to buy, it can make you panic when you need to come up with the money fast. But you don’t need to worry. There are lots of ways to raise the funds you need, from selling some of your stuff to doing some extra work. Try some of these techniques to get hold of some cash quickly.

Have a Clear Out

The first thing you should do is look around your house. What do you have that you no longer want or need? You might have large items that will make you a nice sum or lots of small ones you can put together. Perhaps you have an old bike, some gadgets you no longer use, books and DVDs or clothes you don’t want any more. You can sell them on eBay or Craigslist, in a yard sale or through whichever channel you prefer.


Pictures of Money

Take Out a Loan

If you know you’ll soon have the money you need but you just don’t have it right now, a loan might be suitable. As long as you’re certain you’ll be able to pay it back, you can use a service like Money Boat to cover your unexpected expense until you get paid or to help you spread the cost. Remember though, you will have to pay back more than you borrow, so don’t forget to check the interest rates.

Do Some Odd Jobs

If you’re able to, offer to do some odd jobs around your neighborhood or even further afield. You could let your neighbors know you want to do some tasks for extra cash, whether it’s cleaning windows or babysitting. If you have a particular skill you can offer outside of your work hours, make use of it bring in some more money.

Rent Out Your Stuff

A lot of services today are focused on sharing the things we own, whether it’s spare rooms or parking spaces. You might have something that you can rent out to other people. It could be your garage, your home or even your kitchen appliances. Have a look at the things that other people are renting and see if you could do the same.

Return a Recent Purchase

If you’ve made a recent purchase, you might have to weigh up your priorities. Perhaps you love those new shoes or that television but are they more important than fixing your roof? Returning your purchase, provided it’s in the correct condition, and you have the receipt, could be a quick answer to your problems. You can always buy it again later.

There are many more ways to make some money on the side, including odd ones like joining a medical trial. Look at all your options before deciding what to do.