The 4 Best Tech Stocks To Invest In This Year (& 1 To Avoid)



If you glance at the stock markets this year, you’ll notice a huge slide and gloomy forecasts. We’re on a downward slope, and it’s scaring investors. However, rather than look at this in a negative light, use it as an opportunity to invest! Prices are low, which means you can scoop up a bargain.

The market dips and peaks on a constant cycle. And when it comes to investing, the advice is simple, buy the dips. That’s why myself and many other investors are actually snapping up stock right now. Particularly in the bluechip tech stocks. In other words, stocks that are sure to rebound, and make a small fortune.

  1. Alphabet (Google)

As of Wednesday (3rd Feb), Alphabet became the biggest company (by market cap) on the planet. Leapfrogging Apple, the search engine giants are now the kings of the tech industry. Alphabet are a safe and secure investment. Just think, can you really imagine Google and YouTube disappearing? Not only that, but they are about to launch self-driving cars, and all sorts of future technology. They are dominating the present, and well placed for the future.

  1. Apple

Although Google have just overtaken them, the battle is far from over. Apple are suffering from a few market wobbles at the moment. Some investors are worried about their ability to keep on delivering top quality products. Those worries have brought down the stock price a little, which makes it severely underpriced. It’s a great time to pick up a bargain. Apple simply need to exceed (low) expectations, and stock prices will soar. I certainly wouldn’t bet against them, and their stock price is ripe.

  1. Facebook

Facebook stock prices have doubled since it hit the stock market, providing steady returns year on year. For investors who jumped on the train early, their FB stock earnings have jumped through the roof. The old saying is true in the stock market, ‘ride the wave’. Facebook’s stock trend is a clear upward line, and who are we to argue? With huge acquisitions like Instagram and WhatsApp, the company dominates online communication. And they’re still expanding.



  1. Netflix

This disruptive tech company are slowly edging out the traditional TV players. It already has a higher market cap than all the big TV studios, and it’s expanding fast. In January, the service expanded to 190 countries (just 6 short of the entire planet). Netflix are laying the foundations for global entertainment dominance. Stock price has levelled at the moment while they invest in new shows and expansion, but expect it soar again.

And one to avoid: Twitter

It is not a good time for Twitter investors. The stock has declined steadily and repeatedly since they floated their IPO. Subscriber numbers have hit a glass ceiling, and without growth, their stock is doomed. They’ve cycled through CEOs which means there’s little stability, and half the board members walked out last week. Only a buy-out or serious turn-around can save Twitter’s price.

The tech sector is thriving, and these four investments are the best bet. Don’t forget our four rules for investing success, and, of course, all investments are made at your own risk and discretion.