The Best Credit Cards For Entertainment Lovers

Once upon a time there was no such luxury as having the ability to carry a small plastic card in a wallet allowing you to purchase goods. Rather, in those past times it was the traditional coin that provided necessary to transact. In fact, the traditional credit card is beginning to be rivalled by modern alternatives. Technology is expected to transform the way in which we transact, allowing people to use their eyes or fingerprints as the form of verification.

If you are the type of person who enjoys going out often, then you will want to opt for a credit card that comes with entertainment benefits. However, there are a variety of options available and it can be difficult to digest all of the information and details. This article is designed to point you in the right direction by recommending three ideal credit cards for those who seek entertainment. You should also note that this article look at US credit cards. Let’s begin.

Ideal for those active outside of the home: Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

If you have a large social life, this card won’t let you down. From bars to dining, you will earn two points for every dollar spent on travel and related entertainment. All other purchases will earn you one point per dollar spent too. In reality, the rewards aren’t going to save you a crazy amount of money, but it is still refreshing to think that your beer has just earned you a little discount thanks to the points.

Great for all-round entertainment: Citi ThankYou Card

If you want a credit card that combines all areas of entertainment into one, then the Citi ThankYou card should be top of your list. One real advantage is that you earn ThankYou points for each dollar you spend on entertainment. The beauty here though is just how unrestricted it is, for example, concerts, amusement parks, cinemas, etc. all qualify for the rewards. Those who are home birds can also take full advantage with online entertainment too.

The Best card for home entertainment: American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

Some people enjoy home entertainment, especially since televisions and the internet has transformed this area of life. Thus, if you spent much of your time at home, then this is the card to opt for. It can be used for many things, such as grocery shopping – great if you plan to host a party at home instead of visiting the bar. The rewards are broken down by 6% cashback on each dollar spent at the supermarket, this then drops to 1% after you reach a $6,000 spend. You can also earn 3% cashback when filling up fuel at the gas station, allowing an unlimited 3% reward rate. Finally, you get 1% cashback on anything else you decide to spend your money on.

Note: Be sure to head over to each of the card providers to see the latest details and rewards, since they might have changed since this article was published.

Which credit card will prove the best for you? You might wish to use it online with sports betting sites, or buy tickets for a concert, maybe even for buying drinks out at the bar. Whatever the reason or excuse, your credit card will prove to be your next best friend, helping to buy some amazing times in the future.